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LA Fitness Kids Klub by Soft Play is great for mom’s and dad’s that need a place for the little ones while they get a workout in! Soft foam play elements designed and sculpted to look like exercise equipment specifically designed for children helps instill healthier habits and aids in teaching children how much fun exercise can be.

LA Fitness Provides a Guilt-Free Workout

Ahhhhhhh, the never-ending quest for the guilt-free workout. When you’re a parent, the “should-dos” never seem to go away and give you the absolute freedom to truly enjoy a workout. LA Fitness understands!

Doesn’t it seem like there are a million other things you “should” do? Laundry, dinner, return calls, shower (a girl can dream). And, of course, there’s always the feeling that you “should” be spending the time with your children.

But aren’t you ALWAYS happier after a good workout? And aren’t you ALWAYS a better parent when you’re happier?

Here’s a shout-out to all you Naples, FL parents looking for a guilt-free workout. LA Fitness in Naples, FL is opening a new facility complete with gorgeous new Soft Play soft-foam play elements! Your kids will struggle to free themselves from your arms so that they can play, while you go enjoy this awesome new facility.

Soft Play provides a great place for children to exercise while they learn and have fun. Our climbers, slides and tunnels help develop gross motor skills, test spatial relationships and build confidence. Our wall-mounted games and puzzles help with cognition, problem solving and hand/eye coordination.

Active play experiences are part of a healthy lifestyle that parents want for their children and Soft Play’s coatings have been tested and ASTM (G21 and E2180) certified antibacterial.  All Soft Play play areas are ADA compliant and inspected by a Soft Play safety specialist.  Soft Play outdoor playground equipment meets all product requirements of ASTM F-1487 – Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specifications for Playground Equipment for Public Use.

Soft Play play areas are perfectly suited for children to use their imaginations, experiment, take risks and to increase coordination. Read “How Children Learn from Soft Play” by Founder and Creative Director Jon Norby.

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