Small Play Areas

We have taken our BIG ideas and shrunk them to fit into just about any size space. Our playground equipment for small spaces are the perfect solutions for businesses that don’t have the floor space or ceiling heights to accommodate full-sized play systems. Just because the play is small doesn’t mean the play experience is too.

Explore our various play options that can be purchased as rendered, or they can be used as a guide to design your own playground. The play options are designed to give you an idea of the breadth and depth of our product line, and to serve as a guide when you are ready to make your own playground purchase!

Soft Play® offers a range of contained play structures for children of all ages. Soft contained small indoor playgrounds are a great choice to fit any space while still offering all the fun and excitement of larger playgrounds. Our soft contained play structures are perfect for preschools, daycares, or any other areas where space may be limited.

Small Commercial Play Structures Great for Smaller Budgets

If you have a tighter budget, our soft contained playground equipment for small spaces is an ideal solution – generally more affordable than larger indoor playground equipment, our small area indoor playground equipment lets you create a play space without the big price tag. Check out the wide selection of options at Soft Play – we have solutions for every budget, and we even offer financing to help ensure you can pay for fun.

Contained Play Structures Great for Smaller Spaces

If you have limited space for your play equipment, our indoor preschool playground equipment, daycare indoor playgrounds, and other small indoor playground equipment let you make the most of the play area you do have. This type of equipment is just as fun as a larger playground for children, but takes up far less space.

The secret is that these play areas go vertical. By building in multiple levels of play, even a small area can offer lots of options. Additionally, Soft Play designs contained play structures with pieces of equipment that can be used in multiple ways, expanding on the fun offerings and versatility of the equipment. Our contained playgrounds also don’t sprawl out. By staying within a square space, they’re easier to fit into a limited space and allow children to play safely in the play area without spilling over into other spaces. If you have a particularly tricky area you’d like to squeeze a playground into, our team can work with you to design a custom playground solution.

Take a look at the contained playgrounds offered by Soft Play. You’ll be thrilled with what we can do with even a small space. Contact a representative today to learn more, and grow your business with play that works!

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