Play Areas With a Modern Touch

Four unique designs to inspire

Bring a modern touch to your play area with Wonderscapes's pre-designed layout featuring both soft sculpted foam and contained play. Providing hours of play, these unique designs can increase family visits and improve brand awareness.


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Our new Wonderscapes offer an imaginative and exciting world for kids to enjoy and explore for active play. The Soft Play® Wonderscapes line offers a pre-designed layout with soft sculpted foam and contained play for a modern twist on play designs.

You can purchase Wonderscapes in one of four different themes, each with its own play design and color scheme. We’ve designed each theme to look appealing in any environment or location, and each of our Wonderscapes is fully functional and durable for extended practical use.

This unique play area is an eye-catching attraction for kids of a wide range of ages, which can drive more family visits and improve your company’s brand awareness. Discover more about the benefits of Wonderscapes below.

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Advantages of Choosing Wonderscapes

Wonderscapes provide an inclusive place for kids to play at your facility. Including Wonderscapes at your location is a great opportunity to give back to the community while encouraging users to associate positive memories and emotions with your brand.

There are many benefits of choosing Wonderscapes for your facility:

  • Increase brand awareness: Incorporate this distinct play feature into your facility to build a stronger brand and create a more enjoyable and memorable experience for your guests.
  • Promote active and creative play: Encourage kids to participate in meaningful, productive playtime and stimulate essential emotional and physical development with our unique Wonderscapes.
  • Boost foot traffic: Give kids and their families an additional reason to come to your facility when you include new and exciting playtime opportunities with Wonderscapes.
  • Support development of essential skills: Wonderscapes provide low-profile climbers, ramps and crawl tunnels that can help kids fine-tune their motor skills, test spatial relationships and increase their confidence.
  • Allow for easy supervision: Give parents and guardians clear visibility and access for easy supervision with the open sightlines of Wonderscapes.

Materials and Details

The Wonderscapes line comes in four different themes. Each theme has its own unique color pallet and play design. Every theme was designed to look appealing in any space, but also extremely functional and durable. The Creative Design Team at Soft Play choose colors that are organic and natural, but also include a touch of vibrance to compliment any space.


Choose Wonderscapes From Soft Play

Soft Play is committed to promoting active play for kids through innovative play technology. We have years of experience in the industry, and our products keep families coming back to destinations for exciting outings. As the global leader in contained playground equipment, we have playground installations in over 60 countries.

Our commitment to excellence ensures you receive high-quality products so you can deliver fun and memorable experiences to your clients.

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Soft Play’s unique play areas provide a great place for children to exercise while they learn and have fun. Our low-profile climbers, ramps, and crawl tunnels help develop gross motor skills, test spatial relationships and build confidence. Inspired by nature, all of the color schemes and products are designed to encourage imaginative play and to be aesthetically pleasing.

- Jon Norby, Soft Play Creative Director

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