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Kids learn through play, and every kid deserves the chance to have fun. Inclusive play equipment is designed with the needs of all kids in mind. It allows them to develop physically, socially, emotionally and mentally, all while doing what kids do best — playing.

Learn more about inclusive play equipment and the benefits of installing it at your facility.

What Is Inclusive Play Equipment?

Inclusive play equipment is equipment that all kids can use and enjoy, no matter their mental, physical or emotional abilities. Inclusive equipment is more than accessible equipment. It addresses all areas of concern among kids and seeks to welcome everyone.

While there isn’t a concrete definition of inclusivity when it comes to play equipment, it generally means that:

  • The equipment offers sensory stimulation. Inclusive play areas typically offer one or more forms of sensory stimulation. There may be a sandbox where kids can feel the texture of the grains of sand or an area with bells that kids can sound.
  • The equipment is accessible. Inclusive play equipment is accessible to kids of all physical abilities. There are multiple levels and wide spaces available so all kids can play.
  • The equipment is varied. Kids of all ages and skill levels use inclusive equipment, so it’s important that the play area offer varying levels of challenges. The equipment should also be designed to accommodate groups of different sizes. Your play area might include spaces for kids to play together and areas that encourage solitary play.
  • The equipment has separate areas. Inclusive play equipment should have multiple areas for kids to go when they need a bit of peace and quiet. Some kids get overstimulated or overwhelmed more easily than others. They need a quiet place to play that isn’t completely separate from the rest.

Benefits of Inclusive Play Areas

There are many benefits of offering an inclusive play area, including:

  • Sharing a message of welcoming: Building a play area that everyone can use sends a strong message. It lets people know that all kids are welcome and that anyone can use the equipment.
  • Bringing more families to your facility: Inclusive play equipment helps make your facility more attractive to more families. Parents who might have lacked options in the past can bring their kids to your facility and know that they’ll have fun and be included.
  • Helping kids develop important skills: Since inclusive play equipment is designed to target multiple abilities and skill levels, it helps kids who may need extra support in certain areas. Inclusive equipment gives kids an opportunity to build skills and fine-tune them.

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