Retail Center & Mall Playground Equipment

To stay competitive in today’s economy and growing online shopping trend retail and office centers should create shopping experiences families can’t find at home or office. Soft Play understands retail’s needs.

With thousands of shopping play areas worldwide, we help our customers create unique and customized play environments that get kids back to play. Soft Play consultants are advisors that will help you build and finance your dream play environment with a commitment to safety and your unique needs.

Looking to learn more about our retail play equipment? Check out our STOMP Catalog that features sample projects, design options, and more. Easily email yourself the catalog or send to a colleague.

Shopping Mall Indoor Playgrounds Brings Customers to You

Installing mall playground equipment at your store or retail center can increase foot traffic, browsing, and encourage shopping. Mall play area equipment from Soft Play can be a great investment that brings families back to your location again and again.

Think about it: Many families shop with their children, but kids typically have shorter attention spans and don’t enjoy browsing stores for hours. They may get bored, restless or even refuse to go out to shop. But with our mall playground equipment, your retail space instantly becomes more attractive to children and can even result in children asking to visit your shopping area with their parents!

While one parent or caretaker is browsing, children may be interested in checking out the playground, meaning that families can stay in your retail space for longer periods of time. This gives them more time to experience all of your offerings!

Other benefits of adding mall play area equipment to your space are:

  • Safety and novelty: While enjoying your indoor mall playground equipment, children can socialize with peers and broaden their horizons with new experiences. Our mall play area equipment offers a safe and healthy environment for children to explore their creativity. All of our mall play equipment is carefully tested before installation to ensure the security of every child at play. 
  • Durability and quality: Mall playground equipment from Soft Play is made from the highest quality materials and stand up to years of use. 
  • Increased ROIWith indoor mall playground equipment, your retail space will become the go-to spot for families in your community. When children are engaged and happy, parents are happy. Children may even beg their parents to take them to the mall if they know they’ll have tons of fun! When families spend more time at your mall, your ROI will go up. 
  • Branding opportunities: At Soft Play, we know the importance of drawing a crowd and attracting more shoppers. Mall play area equipment from Soft Play will encourage families to stay longer, giving you more opportunities to show off your brand. 

STOMP Mall Playground Equipment

Featured above: Interactive STOMP play equipment from Soft Play.

Indoor Mall Playground Equipment From Soft Play

Our shopping mall indoor playground equipment pieces are interactive landscapes that provide mental stimulation for children of all ages and abilities. Examples of our retail playground equipment include:

  • Soft Sculpted Foam StructuresIf your retail center has special sizing, theme or design needs, Soft Play has you covered. We can tailor our soft-sculpted indoor mall playground equipment to your unique space and budget. 
  • Elementz: Our Elementz line of soft sculpted play can be easily configured to fit your business needs. The equipment encourages age-appropriate, creative and active play that’s essential for kids’ development.
  • Pick & Play™: Our Pick & Play™ soft sculpted foam line of indoor mall playground equipment offers an exciting place for children to play. Pick & Play™ mall play area equipment is versatile in that it comes in five different themes and provides children the opportunity to develop their skills with confidence. Browse our ready-to-ship crawl tunnels, climbers, ramps and more today. 
  • Themed PlaygroundsSoft Play can make your vision come to life with themed mall play area equipment such as Clubhouses, Train Stations, Medieval Castles and the Wild West. 

When you add indoor mall playground equipment or a play space to your retail area, the retail area moves from being merely a place to sell to an area where families feel welcome and where they may want to spend more time. A playground can mean more time spent in front of your marketing messages, displays and advertisements, offering an exceptional return on investment.

Enhance Your Space with Shopping Mall Play Equipment

Soft Play shopping mall play equipment is highly durable and always built from top-quality components, ensuring they continue to offer a significant return on investment for years to come.

Soft Play offers a range of contained play structures for malls, including customized solutions that work perfectly with your brand. Our indoor mall playground equipment can fit your play area size and your budget. We can also customize the design or theme to fit your store.

Contact Soft Play today to learn about our custom options or browse our selection of contained play structures and other play structures available. You can also sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on our offerings.

Make Your Attraction Even More Attractive

Soft Play equipment not only provides fun, safer place for kids to be active – it also attracts families to your destination and keeps them coming back.

Add Entertainment

Stores and shopping centers should use entertainment to stay competitive and attract shoppers. Installing our Soft Play structure will provide another great reason for people to visit, stay longer and re-visit. For over 30 years we made shopping centers recreational shopping destinations and we can do the same for you.

Be Innovative

In competitive economy, we will help you find innovative ways to entice your customers and increase their length of stay. Installing one-size-fits-all play areas is not an option for shopping centers to stand out. Your play area should be uniquely designed to speak to your customer, your community and culture of your location.

Healthy Play Area is a Key

Retail Centers should create play areas that are as healthy for kids as they are for business. Our playgrounds are built to last for years, indoors or outdoors. We use only the best materials to create healthy play areas for kids of all ages and abilities. Our structures are designed for easy cleaning and low maintenance, every component is accurately crafted to provide the ultimate in safety and durability.

Would you like to learn more?

  • About 13 percent of our customers bring their children when they visit the mall. We've estimated that about 2000 kids use the playground installation everyday. Of course that means there are also about 2000 parents bringing these kids. So the playground has really made an impact.

    Mike Payton Carolina Place Mall, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • We are quite happy with the play areas in our furniture stores. The squeals of delight from the children who visit our stores make us happy to know that we can offer them some type of entertainment while their parents are shopping! Maintenance of the play area is a breeze and it wipes off easily. I even found our cleaning lady going down the slide one day with her duster! I was quite pleased with the installation process. Your men were neat and efficient. They also supplied me with information on maintenance and were very professional.

    Linda Shapiro Levin Furniture
  • We discovered Soft Play at a trade show here in Las Vegas. We had the equipment installed, and we’ve been very pleased. Our Soft Play system is part of a large multi-use entertainment complex, and it’s been a big hit. The equipment is exceptional and the amenities are superior to anything else we’ve seen. Plus, we had a couple of special requests, and everyone from the sales rep to the installers was more than happy to accommodate us. Job well done Soft Play.

    Ron Fry Coast Resorts, Las Vegas, Nevada

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