Pick & Play Soft Sculpted Foam Play Elements

Soft Play® is proud to offer Pick & Play™ featuring Toonies.  This soft sculpted foam product provides customers with the ability to offer a very imaginative, fun, and engaging place for children to exercise and play in 5 different themes, with three different sizes and in two play area styles–Freestanding and Corner.  The low-profile climbers, ramps, and crawl tunnels will help children develop gross motor skills, test spatial relationships, and build their confidence, all while allowing them to have some great fun!

The Pick & Play™ areas are not only an easy way to offer children a play area, but the products are already in stock and can be used in your facility in as little time as shipping and creation and set up of your space. The items that make up your theme, size, and orientation are already stocked and ready to ship to you.  All you have to do is start the process today.

Finally, because we stock these items and have them on hand with little custom work, they are a very affordable alternative to custom projects, and they arranged to fit your needs in any location.  If you are faced with a quick turnaround time and a limited budget within which to operate, we can solve your challenge and provide the Pick & Play™ theme of your choice.

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Benefits of Choosing Pick & Play Areas

Be confident the area you are providing is safe and will be a good addition for your business and a great active play area for children.

The process is easy to begin. Simply choose from the 5 themes you want to have in your area, pick the style of play area best fitting your space, and then select a size and we will take care of getting it to you for your immediate use! Contact our team today for pricing and additional information.

Want to learn more? Check out our Pick & Play Catalog that features sample projects, design options, and more. Easily email yourself the catalog or send to a colleague.

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Have a smaller space or just need one element? Check out our elementz line of soft sculpted foam play to create the perfect play area.

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