Bristol Family YMCA

How to Make a Difference in Your Community with Play

John M., COO of Bristol Family YMCA talks about the difference a Soft Play® playground made to their members

Their Story

Little visitors to Bristol Family YMCA now have their own place to exercise. More importantly, it is more fun than a treadmill. This is exactly what a kids’ gym should be — a fun place that children can’t get enough of.

Bristol YMCA wanted to build a visually inspiring active play area accessible to all, including kids with special needs, teens, and their parents. Working side by side with John Mack, Chief Operation Officer of Bristol YMCA, a dedicated Soft Play team designed a playground that integrated many active, co-play, and inclusive play opportunities for kids of all ages and abilities.

The result was a play structure that keeps kids busy and active while their parents enjoy the amenities of the YMCA. A four-story playground goes almost to the ceiling. It is an inspiration for kids to stay active and learn to play together.

Their Goal

Create a visually inspiring active play area that promotes inclusive play opportunities.

“Soft Play is a trustworthy partner. They worked with us to ensure we got the playground we wanted. Teenagers love this playground. Kids with special needs love to go all the way to the top. This playground gives all kids a chance to be active.”

John Mack, Chief Operating Officer
Bristol Family YMCA, Bristol, Tennessee

Their Success

# 0
Attraction for families with kids of all ages and abilities
# 0
Place for YMCA's youth programs
# 0
Place for parents to take their kids to get energy out

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