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When it comes to family entertainment, our gamified experiences offer excitement for all ages. These fun and interactive attractions feature a variety of challenges that will keep your guests’ minds and bodies active and ensure they keep coming back for more.

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Gamified Experiences

Interactive challenges are fun for kids of all ages. Our gamified experiences offer a variety of challenges to keep your guests’ minds and bodies active. With colorful lights, climbing features, immersive technology, puzzles, and more interactive equipment from Soft Play® is an excellent addition to your play area.

Our Interactive Challenge Courses

Soft Play has elements that you can mix and match to create an exciting experience for everyone. Choose one of our challenge course elements as the main attraction or incorporate it into a larger collection:

  • The Hive: The Hive is a favorite of older kids and young adults. This obstacle-based course tests your mental and physical strength and creates fun memories guests can look back on.
  • STOMP: STOMP is a multiplayer attraction that lets guests run, jump or stomp to get the highest score. Anyone can play and try to work their way to the top!
  • Adventure Spheres: Smaller kids are drawn to the Adventure Spheres! They love this open play adventure as they climb through clusters of soft-sculpted spheres. Our sphere obstacles are arranged in a variety of shapes and climbing patterns for endless fun and creative engagement.

The Advantages of Working With Soft Play

Incorporating interactive challenge courses offers many benefits for your business. You can:

  • Promote active play: Active play is essential for growing kids of all ages. Your guests can use indoor play equipment all year and get a chance to exercise in a fun way.
  • Maximize profit: Our products are made from premium materials that last for years. When investing in playground equipment, you can personalize your setup to fit your budget and attract more guests.
  • Set yourself apart: With our custom designs and mix-and-match options, you can create a unique experience for guests that will help you stand out.

We can help you find the perfect equipment for your business, and we offer design and financing options for all of our products.

Choose Soft Play for Exciting Gamified Playground Equipment

If you want to level up your play area, request a quote for any of our interactive experiences. Contact us to learn more about our gamified equipment.

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