Designing a playground for all ages, including toddlers and older children, makes your playground more inclusive and also creates more interest in your indoor play space. Parents with children of different ages will appreciate having a space where everyone in the family can have fun, so if you can appeal to more of the kids, you’re more likely to get multiple visits.

How to Design an Indoor Playground for All Ages

Start by examining who you will have at your playground. If you want to appeal to everyone from toddlers to pre-teens, your best option is to create zones. Toddlers are the most vulnerable group because children under the age of five are still working on gross motor skills and balance. They can fall over more easily compared to older kids. Moreover, kids of school-age may still be learning to share spaces and they might not notice smaller toddlers in their space. Designated places for each age level helps keep everyone safe and having fun.

It’s typically best to begin with toddler playground design, choosing the space and the play equipment you want. It’ll be easier to build the rest of the area around the toddler space.

Pieces from the Sprouts line have bright colors and smooth lines, appealing to younger kids. With plenty of room for caregivers to help, these pieces help toddlers work on balance and gross motor skills.

By using similar colors as the rest of the play area, you can create a cohesive look while still keeping everyone safe. A small fence around the toddler area can prevent wandering and enhance the playground aesthetic.

Large Treehouse Themed Playground with Tree Climbing Tower and Bridge with Two Spiral Slides

For older children, complete indoor playground structures, such as the Kid’s Clubhouse provide multiple levels of fun and accessible play for different school-age children. The inclusive design allows for tons of fun and fits in even smaller spaces, making it ideal for indoor use.

Soft Play® themed playgrounds can also be a solution for playgrounds with multiple ages playing at once. You can create an entire play structure around a theme and choose play equipment that is right for both toddlers and older children, so no one feels left out.

How Soft Play Can Help

Trying to keep all kids happy can be a tall order, but Soft Play can help. With a free design consultation, you can get personalized advice on how to make your ideal play space work with your property, budget and needs.

We have already helped build some incredible playground for museums, places of worship, daycares, schools and more. We understand kids and their needs, and can help you develop a custom play area that will be perfect for the area you have to work with. We’ve developed playground of all sizes, from large structures to smaller ones, finding creative ways for organizations fit innovative play structures into their spaces. We can truly work within your boundaries and budget to bring kids to your business or organization.

Our representatives and vast selection of play equipment can help you create the personalized playground you want and need. Contact a Soft Play representative today to start talking about your needs and how our safe and durable play solutions can help you appeal to children of all ages, keeping families coming back to your playground time and again.

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