Why Add an Indoor Playground to Your Facility

An indoor playground provides a fun, contained play area for the kids who visit your facility. Whether you want to give kids a place to release their energy after a meal or you want to create an opportunity to talk to parents while their kids are busy, an indoor playground can help your business flourish.

By attracting younger families to your business, you can increase your sales and widen your client base. Explore the various industries that can benefit from an indoor playground to determine if building one at your facility will meet your customers’ needs.

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Indoor Playgrounds vs. Outdoor Playgrounds

A playground can help combat the sedentary lifestyle common among young kids today by giving them a place to be active. Though an outdoor play area may be more popular than an indoor one, you’ll find that an indoor playground may better accommodate your business. Consider the benefits of each playground type to find out which one would be better for your business:

Benefits of Outdoor Playgrounds for Businesses

Here are some of the reasons why outdoor playgrounds are so prevalent in communities today:

  • Increased sunlight: An outdoor play area provides an unobstructed view of the sunlight. Playing in the sun boosts vitamin D levels to help kids build strong bones and healthy immune systems. Parents who take their kids to the playground can also benefit from the nourishing qualities of being out in the sun. Keep in mind that spending too much time in the sun can cause sunburns.
  • Improved eyesight and attention span: An outdoor play area gives kids an alternative to staring at screens all day. The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends outdoor play to help prevent myopia, or poor eyesight, as kids develop. Actively playing outside also encourages kids to learn, absorb and retain information to enhance their attention spans.
  • More physical activities: Outdoor playgrounds have plenty of opportunities to implement physical activities. Since outdoor play structures are usually spread out, kids can travel farther distances between slides, swings and jungle gyms. Because of this increased activity, kids typically have stronger muscles and more energy when they play outside.
  • Development of multi-sensory skills: An outdoor playground lets kids play and connect with nature, so they learn to appreciate nature at a young age. Allowing kids to play outside stimulates their imaginations in ways that are different from video games and TV shows. Outdoor activities can also reduce stress and fatigue.

Benefits of indoor playgrounds for businesses

Benefits of Indoor Playgrounds for Businesses

An indoor playground also encourages physical activity and personal development. It provides the following advantages for businesses, especially if they only have interior commercial space:

  • Convenience: An indoor playground is more convenient for parents who visit your business compared to an outdoor play area. Instead of staying outside while their kids play, parents can keep an eye on their kids as they browse your inventory. Colorful cushioned items, ball pits and tumble mats keep kids entertained while their parents shop nearby. With soft flooring and surfacing, kids of all ages and abilities can easily walk from one place to the other.
  • Sanitation: Indoor play areas are easier to keep clean because they aren’t exposed to the sun, rain or debris outside. These play structures are also less accessible to people walking by, so they’re less likely to accumulate germs. Choose low-maintenance materials that are easy to clean to provide a healthy environment throughout your business.
  • Year-round entertainment: An indoor playground is accessible during any season, no matter what the weather is like outside. Besides offering protection from the weather, this environment may be more pleasant for kids who suffer from allergies.
  • Low maintenance: An outdoor playground needs to be inspected more often because it is open to the outdoor elements. Since an indoor playground is inside your building, you can keep it in excellent condition without as much maintenance. As a result, you may even save money in repairs or replacements over time.
  • Maximizing limited space: Your business might share a commercial building with another company, limiting the amount of space you have for a playground. However, an indoor play area can come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate any place you set aside for kids to play.
  • Designated areas: An indoor playground is more likely to have a design that fits your company’s brand and aesthetic theme. Putting this play structure in a confined area also makes it easier for parents to keep track of their kids. Having a contained space for kids can help control the traffic flow of your business as well.

Benefits of adding an indoor playground to your facility

How Indoor Playgrounds Increase Sales

Having a play area for kids of all ages and abilities in your facility can increase your business’s profit margin. Explore some of the reasons why indoor playgrounds attract customers:

  • Increase your clientele: Commercial play spaces attract more people and, as a result, more potential customers to your place of business. Parents want a welcoming place to bring their kids during the day. Colorful, captivating playground equipment will attract parents inside and encourage them to visit again in the future. When you communicate that you own a kid-friendly business, parents may feel comfortable bringing their kids as they complete their daily errands.
  • Meet your customers’ needs: Your company should meet the needs of your customers of all ages. When a business has an indoor playground, it gives kids a place to play and be themselves in your corporate environment. Parents with young kids can have peace of mind about their little ones being active in an interactive environment that promotes their well-being. When parents have a way to entertain their kids through your business, they’re more likely to visit your site and invest in your products or services.
  • Establish your brand against the competition: Your industry might not usually have indoor playgrounds. In that case, you can set yourself apart from the competition with a designated play area for kids. When you work with a playground design consultant, you can incorporate your brand’s colors and decorative elements to market your business to parents and kids alike.
  • Bring in more revenue: A commercial indoor playground can be a business on its own. Even if your company doesn’t revolve around your indoor play area, parents are more likely to eat at your restaurant or invest in your services so their kids can use your playground. As a result, your play area can make you more money over time by attracting potential customers. Parents might also want to bring their kids’ friends and their parents for a play date at your business.

Reasons to Add an Indoor Playground to Your Facility

You may want to build an indoor playground in your facility for the following reasons.

Child development

1. Child Development

School-aged kids should fit at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity into their schedules each day. Instead, kids spend an average of four hours to six hours a day watching or using screens, whether it’s through the TV, phone or computer. A commercial indoor playground provides a healthy alternative for families that are looking for something fun to do with their time. Developing motor skills on the playground through tunnels, touching various textures and interacting with others can help kids perform better in other areas of life.

Having an indoor playground in your business encourages fitness in kids. Kids become more flexible when they climb up the stairs or complete an obstacle course. They build their endurance when they move around and go on the slide several times a day. When they climb the monkey bars or play on special climbing equipment, they strengthen their upper-body muscles.

2. Provide Free Child Care

When you put an indoor play area in your facility, you’ll attract parents as well as kids. Active parents trying to raise kids while getting their errands done will appreciate having a place to drop off their kids while they shop or take care of tasks.

On average, parents spend about 10% of their income on child care. A free indoor playground allows parents to bring their kids with them on their errand trips instead of hiring a babysitter. If you own a restaurant or other social gathering spot, your indoor playground can allow parents to spend more time talking to their friends while their kids play.

Hold your customers attention

3. Hold Your Customers’ Attention

Your business might attract customers from a younger demographic. If parents come to check out your business, the demands of their kids might limit the time they spend shopping. Giving their little ones a space to play allows you to leave a lasting impression on your customers. They’ll be more likely to shop or stay at your facility for a long time when they know their kids are in a comfortable, enjoyable environment while they browse your inventory or listen to your sales pitch.

4. Develop a Positive Image Among Young Parents

Parents of young kids notice when businesses promote the well-being of the next generation. When you give kids opportunities to strengthen their muscles and interact with their peers through an indoor playground, you demonstrate that your company cares about their physical and mental health. As a result, you can garner a positive reputation among the parents in your target audience. Those who visit your business may also be more likely to recommend your products or services to their friends and family members.

Attract kids to your business

5. Attract Kids to Your Business

Kids can play a part in where their parents spend their money. If you promote a kid-friendly environment through an indoor playground, you’ll be advertising your brand to kids and their parents. They’ll ask their parents when they can come back to play in your indoor playground. As these kids grow into adults, they may be more likely to invest in your products and services. They might even bring their own kids to play on the playground when they get older.

Industries That Benefit From Indoor Playgrounds

The following industries can increase sales and improve their customers’ morale when they have indoor playgrounds in their facilities.

1. Family Entertainment Centers

family entertainment center (FEC) is a fun place for kids of all ages to create lasting memories with their loved ones. Whether you own a miniature golf facility, arcade or play café, an indoor playground can enhance your customers’ experience by giving kids more room to play. With an indoor play area, your customers are more likely to stay and recommend your facility to their friends.

If your FEC has a specific purpose, such as miniature golf or delicious refreshments, you can customize your indoor play area to accommodate your facility’s overall design. Our themed playgrounds give you the flexibility to include colors, equipment and decorative elements that match the rest of your commercial space. With comfortable play equipment in your FEC, your guests will have fun and want to come back again.

Churches and religious centers

2. Churches and Religious Centers

An indoor playground can enhance the experience families have when they visit your church or religious center. When word gets out that your church has a play area designed for kids, parents in the neighborhood may be more likely to visit. Your playground demonstrates that your center is a family-friendly place of worship that cares about the well-being of the kids in your community. When parents come for the first time, you can tell them about your programs that help the whole family grow in faith.

Your place of worship should foster an environment that promotes personal development and spiritual growth. An indoor playground encourages kids to interact with others their age, and it can impact their mental, physical and spiritual health. Climbers and other obstacle courses can help build their muscles, while themed playgrounds centered around scriptural stories can educate kids as they play.

3. Health and Fitness Centers

If you’re looking for a way to attract young members to your health or fitness center, an indoor playground can help. Parents can drop off their kids at your supervised indoor playground while using your workout equipment or attending a weekly aerobics class. Parents will be excited to know their kids will be improving their physical health while they’re building muscles, climbing on an obstacle course and going down the slide.

When you decorate your gym’s indoor playground with colorful, inviting shapes and styles, you’ll attract a broad audience of kids. Parents will appreciate the opportunity to bring their kids to your health or fitness center instead of hiring a babysitter while they work out.

Retail centers and malls

4. Retail Centers and Malls

An indoor playground can make shopping more convenient for the parents who shop at your retail center or mall. Shoppers might spend hours at a time browsing the stores at your location. The kids who accompany young parents on their shopping spree might get bored or even tired as the day progresses. Having an indoor playground gives kids something exciting to do to hold their attention while parents shop.

Kids will also be more excited to visit your facility if they know a fun playground is waiting for them there. Parents can let their kids play at the indoor playground for an extended period of time to expend their built-up energy. If they’re at an age where they can fit in the stroller, they might even wear themselves out enough to sleep while their parents continue shopping.

5. Restaurants and QSRs

An indoor playground can make family meals more fun at your dining institution or quick-service restaurant (QSR). A play area lets potential customers know you’re a family-friendly business where kids are welcome to play and be themselves. Kids can let loose in the playground after sitting during their meal.

When you have a designated area for kids to play, parents can keep a close eye on their little ones while talking with their partners or friends at the dining table. Design your indoor playground decorative elements to match your company’s brand so kids and parents can remember your business’s key components. When it’s time for kids to choose where they want to go for the next family meal, they’ll be more likely to pick your restaurant.

6. Trampoline Parks

When kids and families come to play at your trampoline park, an indoor playground can give them more space to play. A trampoline park is already fun, but kids might get tired from jumping. An indoor play area encourages kids to play in an interactive environment at their own pace, so they can spend more time at your facility. Climbers and other playground equipment allow them to work out different muscles and develop their whole bodies.

An indoor playground dedicated to toddlers allows a fun place for younger siblings to play until they’re ready to join their brothers and sisters on the trampolines. When the whole family can play at your trampoline park, they’ll likely be back more often.

Museum playground equipment

7. Museums

As a museum director, your goal is to create an educational environment where people of all ages and abilities can learn and explore. If you’re struggling to bring young people into your learning facility, you might want to make it more attractive by having an interactive playground for kids to enjoy. An indoor play area can make learning about history, science, art or music more enjoyable for a younger audience.

A themed playground allows you to customize your indoor play area exactly how you want it to look. Include elements that promote the exhibits in your museum to help kids learn while they play. Besides discovering more about the world around them, the indoor playground can help kids make friends and learn about the people in the world around them. With a fun place for families to spend time together, they’ll be more likely to return in the future.

8. Military Recreation Centers

An indoor playground provides an attractive, entertaining place for kids to explore when visiting your military recreation center. The rest of your facility is immaculate and highly secure. Your indoor play area should have durable, low-maintenance materials and equipment for the little ones who come with their parents. Soft Play® has experience building high-quality indoor playgrounds for military recreation centers such as yours.

Our design consultants will work with you to create a welcoming environment for parents to feel comfortable bringing their kids. An indoor playground from Soft Play allows the whole family to have fun at your facility.

Explore Soft Play indoor playgrounds

Explore Our Indoor Playgrounds

When you work with our playground building consultants, you can create an interactive, enjoyable play area for your business. Whether you have a restaurant or a retail center, you can attract customers to your facility with an indoor play structure. We offer a wide selection of indoor playgrounds to accommodate your building’s size and design theme. We’ll also collaborate with you to bring your custom design to life. Browse the indoor play products Soft Play offers and request a quote to start improving your facility today.

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