Top Businesses That Benefit From Indoor Playground Equipment

Playgrounds provide kids with a place to explore with their imagination and develop skills that will serve them throughout the rest of their lives. Businesses can get in on the fun by incorporating indoor play areas that encourage healthy movement and play while attracting new guests. Your organization can create a game-changing, revenue-boosting indoor playground with endless design possibilities.

Learn more about the various types of businesses that can benefit from having indoor playground equipment for visitors to explore.

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  1. Churches
  2. Restaurants
  3. Day Cares
  4. Doctor’s Offices
  5. Museums
  6. Zoos
  7. Retail Stores
  8. Family Entertainment Centers
  9. Malls
  10. Water Parks
  11. Aquariums
  12. Trampoline Parks


Churches and religious centers are good places to build playgrounds. They can create a welcoming environment for families in your congregation with kids. Play structures can inspire kids to get excited about going to church and engaging with their peers.

With custom-themed play elements for your indoor playground, you can create a design with your faith teachings at its center. You can encourage more learning and engagement with your church’s teachings in a fun and playful way.

Churchgoers can enjoy your indoor play area throughout the week. The children of your congregation can play on the structures after Sunday’s service while their parents mingle. Youth programs and Sunday school can use the playground for recess breaks.

A custom indoor playground at a church

Indoor playground equipment is especially beneficial for churches. You will not have to worry about inclement weather or muddy surfaces. The kids can play and explore their imaginations without getting grass stains or dirt on their Sunday best. By including activity panels, you can incorporate your organization’s teachings and storytelling into your playground.

Set your church or religious center apart from the rest with a fun indoor playground space dedicated to exploring and learning. The families with kids in your congregation will thank you for creating an area that caters to their children and makes them feel like included, valued members of the church.


If you own a restaurant, you know how impactful it is to cater to kids. Instead of merely handing out crayons and activity worksheets, consider transforming your indoor space with play equipment. Having play structures allows you to position your business as family-forward and kid-friendly.

By incorporating a dedicated play area at your restaurant’s location, you can attract new customers looking for somewhere to grab a bite to eat with their families. The kids will never forget how much fun they had climbing and exploring before their meal arrived at their table. Children will beg their parents to return to your establishment if they get to play while they visit, boosting customer retention.

Children play on an indoor playground in a restaurant

An indoor playground can set your restaurant apart from the competition and become every kid’s favorite dining destination. Parents will love taking their kids to one location to play and eat — no need to stop at the community playground before heading to their meal. Families can enjoy both experiences at once.

You may be able to create an immersive play area that pairs well with your restaurant’s brand. By adding themed playground elements, you can make your location more memorable and engaging. They can give your dining space an innovative edge that is good for business and serves your customers.

Day Cares

Every day care business can benefit from incorporating play structures into its indoor space. In addition to creating a more engaging place for kids, play areas also offer a wide range of learning opportunities.

Toddlers and preschoolers tend to have a lot of stamina. One of the best ways to burn off excess energy is by letting the kids get lost in their imagination on a playground. By building an indoor play space, the kids at your day care can climb and jump as much as they like. Your teachers and supervisors will appreciate having a place for the children to productively channel their enthusiasm.

A young girl plays on indoor playground equipment at daycare

Different play elements can encourage healthy childhood development, such as harnessing interpersonal skills. An indoor playground is a perfect place to learn valuable lessons about sharing and watching out for others in a safe and controlled environment.

By choosing themed play structures and creating an immersive experience for the kids at your day care, you can establish your business as a fun and welcoming place. Young kids can have difficulty acclimating to child care facilities. Having a playground to explore gives them the incentive to engage with their peers and let their imagination guide them, even if they are a little nervous about their parents leaving.

Many types of play equipment can benefit your day care center. Adding independent systems is a great way to work with smaller spaces and tight budgets. The kids will love these small yet immersive stations.

Doctor’s Offices

The waiting rooms of health care centers and doctor’s offices are wonderful places for indoor playground equipment. Kids can get antsy and impatient waiting for an appointment. Play structures provide an outlet for any nervousness or anxiety your child feels.

Indoor play spaces are highly beneficial for kids visiting health care businesses. Playing can help them build confidence. In addition to giving youngsters something productive to do in the waiting area, it also encourages healthy movement for kids recovering from illness and injuries.

Children play at an indoor playground in a doctor's office

Hospitals can dedicate larger spaces to play therapy where kids can work on their social and cognitive development. Play therapy is highly beneficial for kids in a health care setting, especially if they are staying for extended periods. Having a place to play can reduce stress and help them cope with their current circumstances.

Your doctor’s office can use the indoor playground to promote your business with customized colors and logos. You can make your space more memorable with a unique motif.

If you look around your current office and do not see where to put a playground, consider opting for a few small structures that you can tuck into the corner of your waiting room or lobby.


Museums are ideal places for a playground because they can uplift and enhance your visitors’ experiences. Any exhibit aims to engage people who are there to view it. Adding a play area to your location can inspire profound connections with the content, especially if you opt for themed play structures.

By adding an indoor playground with themed pieces that coincide with your exhibits, your museum can create a fully immersive experience for the kids. Since children cannot play with the displays, adding interactive components is a great way to pique their interest.

Children look at a custom indoor playground in a museum

When you have an indoor playground, your museum is automatically more inviting for families. Even if you have geared most of your exhibits toward slightly older audiences, having a play area will provide the kids with a fun and exciting way to get involved in the materials.

Some of the most notable benefits of incorporating an indoor playground area in your museum include:

  • Attracting and accommodating families.
  • Encouraging visitors to return.
  • Increasing your return on investment.
  • Standing out from the competition.

A playground space will also help create a clear division between where the kids can and cannot play freely. Your guests can use it as an incentive for good behavior on the museum floor.


Visiting a zoo is a rite of passage for many kids. Walking through the exhibits and seeing the exotic and wild animals is exciting for them. One way you can enhance their time at your zoo is by adding an indoor playground area where they can maximize their visit.

A great way to engage with the kids is to add interactive structures they can play and use their imaginations with. Consider adding sculptures of the animals they saw at your zoo. That way, they can climb and interact while being up close and personal.

Your visitors can also use your animal play sculptures for photo opportunities. The kids can get their pictures taken with their favorite creatures without the worry of cameras flashing on the zoo’s real-life animals.

A benefit of building out an indoor playground is using the walls to your advantage. You can create a fully immersive experience for the kids to step into by painting the surrounding walls with themed murals. These details will make your zoo more memorable.

Whether you opt for a few animal sculptures or a small play structure, the kids visiting your zoo will love having this area at their disposal.

Retail Stores

Including indoor playground elements at your retail store can set your business apart from the competition. You can create a novelty experience that attracts families with kids to your location.

If your retail store is family-oriented, consider adding structures that kids can play on and around while their parents explore your merchandise. Depending on your available space, you could add an independent play system or custom-themed elements like a sculpted mascot for your brand.

A colorful play area in a mall

Retail stores that feature a play area can keep kids busy and content, thus encouraging their parents to stay longer. When customers spend more time at your location, they’ll have opportunities to interact with products and probably spend more money, too.

Two significant benefits of adding playground equipment to your retail store include increasing foot traffic and quickly boosting your business’ return on investment. The play area will entice kids to enter your store as they pass by, and you may have new customers who otherwise would have kept walking.

Consider incorporating custom play pieces that complement your store and align with your branding. Some remarkable advantages of using licensed branding solutions for your retail store’s playground pieces include establishing credibility and improving brand awareness.

Family Entertainment Centers

A family entertainment center is an ideal fit for an indoor playground. Your guests will feel like they are entering an amusement park when they step inside and see all the fun play opportunities you’ve created for them.

Your entertainment center can become a staple for the families in your community by incorporating different play elements and maximizing the use of your indoor space.

In addition to adding indoor playground structures, your business can provide captivating gamified experiences for your customers. Colorful lighting and interactive features will keep your guests engaged while they play games that test their mental and physical skills. Kids and parents alike can enjoy getting in on the fun with different obstacles and challenges.

Families will love visiting your entertainment center’s indoor playground. Consider creating an immersive interactive play exhibit to take your business to the next level. This area can help make your business more memorable and exciting for your guests because they are stepping into a world you created.

A child climbs on indoor playground equipment

You can elevate your visitors’ experiences by using play structures to encourage creativity. Incorporating various features throughout your entertainment center is an unforgettable way to keep things fresh for your customers. And when you want to update and repurpose your space, it is easy to incorporate additional playground features to create new adventures and opportunities for the whole family.


Malls and shopping centers can reap many benefits from having an indoor playground where kids can have fun and play with others between shopping excursions.

Where are playgrounds needed in a mall? You could incorporate play structures near your food court where families are already taking breaks to grab a bite to eat. You could also add equipment near children’s stores or in the mall’s hub, near other novelty features. Installing the indoor playground in these locations can offer convenience for parents without interfering with other operations.

Indoor playgrounds give your customers a new adventure. Along with flocking to your mall for the goods and services you offer, guests will now be coming for the experiences.

Adding playground elements will help the businesses located within your mall stay competitive against online shopping. You can encourage your customers to shop in person and spend more time as a family. A mall can revolutionize how its customers interact with its various retailers by creating spaces that allow kids to be kids. Plus, having a dedicated area for kids to play gives them a place to burn off some excess energy.

Whether you create a themed playground or sprinkle a few play sculptures throughout your mall, your retailers and customers will appreciate and benefit from these additions.

Water Parks

Another type of business that can benefit from introducing indoor playground equipment is water parks. Larger-than-life features are captivating for kids of all ages. You can offer your guests a rich sensory experience they’ll never forget.

Water parks can include various types of play elements, such as the following:

  • Floatables: Kids can interact with and climb on themed floatables throughout the water. These features encourage kids to stay active and use their imagination.
  • Splash pads: Younger kids will love spending time at a splash pad or spray pool. Since there is no standing water, kids can enjoy playing and cooling off even if they don’t know how to swim.
  • Water walks: Kids will love having the opportunity to walk across the water’s surface with play elements. Whether they are climbing across a net or leaping between lily pads, water walks can transform their water park experience.

Indoor play equipment can give your waterpark’s visitors the joys of an engaging playground and a refreshing swimming pool all rolled into one. Give your business a competitive edge with play features your guests will never forget.

A group of children play on indoor play equipment in a waterpark


Adding an indoor playground to your aquarium is an excellent way to elevate your visitor experiences. You can use the equipment to provide your guests with more ways to have fun with marine life. Kids will love walking through the aquarium and visiting the playground afterward.

We suggest choosing indoor playground products that fit an underwater theme. You can create an unforgettable marine world that kids will love immersing themselves in and parents will want to share on social media. Adding themed elements will allow your guests to interact with your aquarium in a new way.

Creating a one-of-a-kind play area will differentiate your business and inspire families to return time after time. You can incorporate educational elements into your playground that encourage kids to continue learning about the ocean and underwater wildlife. Use interactive activity panels to keep the educational experience going.

If you own an aquarium, consider transforming your business model by incorporating an indoor play area. These playgrounds will keep kids interested in the marine creatures they get to see in real life. Your aquarium and your guests will benefit from having a space dedicated to playing and engaging.

Trampoline Parks

You can enhance your trampoline park by adding a new indoor section dedicated to playground equipment. If you have a spare corner of your business, adding some play structures can help you offer your customers more opportunities for fun.

Some of the potential pieces of equipment you could incorporate include:

  • Slides
  • Rock-climbing walls
  • Gamified experiences
  • Climbers
  • Small play structures
  • Independent systems

Diversifying your trampoline park with a small indoor playground can be highly beneficial for attracting new customers and encouraging them to stay at your location longer.

Adding play structures is a great way to support kids who are not yet ready to jump on the trampolines. You can accommodate more families and kids when you feature a small playground. With the new equipment, your business can encourage active play for visitors of all abilities.

Differentiate your trampoline park and encourage your guests to keep coming back for all you have to offer. Incorporating new activities effectively sets your business apart from your competitors and creates a more multifaceted brand.

Whether you opt for an adventure course or a themed playground, you can enhance and uplift your trampoline park with new features that offer a fast return on investment.

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