Case Studies — Adventure

Better physical well-being is a goal for many, and exercise is more fun when the entire family gets involved. Soft Play® proudly partners with health and fitness facilities to make that possible. Our contained indoor adventure playgrounds challenge kids to boost their activity through play.

Our Adventure Play Equipment Case Studies

We define adventure play systems as those supporting physical and imaginative play. These custom-designed solutions combine elements and activities that excite and engage kids, like jumping, climbing, exploring and pretending. These traits make Soft Play adventure play areas the perfect place to help communities foster social interaction and fitness that improves residents’ quality of life.

Soft Play® Fun Adventure Playground Features and Benefits

We craft our adventure play equipment to provide an interactive experience through features like:

  • Climbables: Climbing structures help kids practice their problem-solving and coordination as they strengthen their bodies. Elements like towers also support imaginative play since they can become trees, castles and more with a little creative thinking.
  • Skyways: Navigating enclosed skyways supports healthy balance development. These solutions easily integrate with other features to connect them and encourage further exploration.
  • Slides: Sliding lets kids exercise their vestibular systems as they play. Plus, it’s a fast, favorite way to journey between levels and start the fun again!
  • Courses: Traversing a maze or obstacle course combines cognitive benefits with physical ones. Kids can use various equipment to build their strength, including nets and multilevel platforms.

Explore What an Adventure Play Structure Can Do for Your Organization

These case studies showcase the adventure play systems we’ve helped businesses and community service organizations create. Take a closer look at these and our other success stories to spark your imagination!

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